Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All Work and Snow Day Makes Dan a Dull Blog

Now, I realize that this blog has the potential to become a national, if not international (if not, intergalactical) sensation, but all you non-NJ/NY readers will have to excuse me if I play it a little local today.

See, we recently had a bit of snow in the last 24 hours. It was enough to trigger a wonderful phenomenon known as the "Snow Day". Its like a little gift from the "lazy gods" who reward you with an unscheduled vacation day. And since I am in Hoboken, with nary a driveway to shovel (or a car to plow out), I was completely free to do whatever I wanted. Work tiredlessly on the "SPR" trailer, enrich the internet with another detailed blog post,.....or take multiple naps inbetween multiple OnDemand sessions with my TV.

So, yes....while I did get some work done on the trailer, my brain definitely wanted just as much of a Snow Day as the rest of my body. I am only human. One. Lazy. Good-for-nothing. Human.

But the good news is we have a whole week work and play to talk about! Not only will I dive into my thought process & philosophy for this trailer, but also I will discuss my latest favorite form of storytelling - the television serial. I plan on discussing my favorites ("Lost", "Big Love") and the ones I hate - yet can't turn away from ("Heroes").

In the meantime, I'll have to cut this one short - since yesterday's snow day has given today the power punch of both a Monday AND a Tuesday. Gotta go pay the bills.

Oh - and a big shout out to my lil' sister, who turns (gulp) 28 today! Happy Birthday B!

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